Our story begins with sisters with a vision and a dream....
Charlene and Alicia established Barnyard Creations in the winter of 2005 when they were planning Alicia's wedding.
They spend hours bouncing around their own creative stationery ideas and keeping costs down without compromising creativity and quality. The result?
Handmade invitations, handmade wedding props, personalized dream wedding website for Alicia's wedding..... Many loved Alicia's wedding things from a small red hearted shaped confetti on a banquet table to wedding decorations.
Then for a few of their family members.. later for a couple of friends.
With feedback, full support and encouragement from family and friends, they decided to give a head start in providing these to public.
Soon the duo was working nights and weekends to keep up with their collection base and client base that were growing steadily.
With a leap of confidence, vision and dreams, in March 2006, Barnyard Creations launched its own website for a start.